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Mood Kit

The OG

The OG

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The OG is indulgent and bursting with local treasures, all selected to intentionally centre around mental health and well-being. It includes over 15 helpful strategies, access to guided mindfulness exercises and other resources. This is not your typical self-care kit - we're going deeper - but yes, a deliciously scented bath bomb is included!

The OG's got some feminine feels to her, appropriate ages are 11 to 111.

It includes:

  • an invitation to explore Intuitive Eating Principles
  • a list of Emergency Mental Health Contacts
  • a list of helpful apps for well-being
  • a journal and prompts
  • an invitation to develop a Safety Plan, for those with low mood, including suicidal thoughts
  • access to recordings for Guided Mindfulness Exercises
  • and more!
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