A gift of mindfulness practices for wellness


Check in with how you're feeling and take action to care for yourself.


  • "The MOOD Kit opened up conversations in our family about mood, anxiety and especially depression. I would strongly recommend the kits, if for no other reason than to start a conversation." ​

  • ​"As a mother providing support to my child who experiences terrible anxiety and crippling depression it was comforting to me to know that there is some way to try to help someone that is suffering. The MOOD Kit brought me hope, when my daughter opened it she felt special, noticed and happy. It feels like there are many levels to this, it’s a safe place to turn to if you feel too scared or paralyzed to reach out to someone. This may not be a cure but it's a comforting tool to help with self-worth.”

  • "The MOOD Kit was such an incredibly thoughtful gift to receive... I almost teared up when I saw the safety plan guide, addressing suicidal thoughts - so relevant right now!”

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Our MOOD Kits support local businesses located in the Ottawa and Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry areas. 

Some gems include:
Lavendar Lane (Ottawa, ON)
Sarah Cecereu, Fitness Instructor (Ottawa, ON)
Beleaf Creations (Bainsville, ON)
Truffleuffagus (Martintown, ON)
Green Spirit (Manotick, ON)
A Cup of Kindness Tea (Lancaster, ON)